Al Poulet

(UNTITLED) Inner Horizon

5 April – 30 April 2023

Opening | Thursday 6 April 6 – 8 pm

Fox Galleries  presents Al Poulet ‘ (UNTITLED) Inner Horizon’ in April 2023.

Al Poulet’s abstractions have the complexities of a limbic system- grounded, yet hinged on moment to moment decisions.

Despite the swelling energy, each piece in (UNTITLED) Inner Horizon has an element of problem solving, a resolute space for arousal, emotion, intention; each giving posture to the consolidation of time, evolving landscapes and inner abundance.

While the exact adjective for his emotive gestural aptitude remains elusive, his performative marks are buoyant and long lasting. Poulet casts a dynamism of expression in his large-scale works that furl, ripple and burst into indefinite throngs, reflecting and absorbing the horizons into which he paints. 

Even Poulet’s (UNTITLED) titles hold immeasurable space, little impossibilities, never definitive- but always present. 

The Artist States:

“My paintings come from within. They are an attempt to express something on the tip of your tongue, that which has no expression in language. A horizon in the landscape is another analogy, a landmark yet literally a place unreachable. Painting records my experience with the irresistible urge to make a mark and process this life. Working with the flow and embracing my practice has revealed these new paintings from beyond the horizon of Wedderburn and my inner landscape.”


Al Poulet lives and works in Wedderburn. He was recently featured in Artist Profile, and presented at Sydney Contemporary in 2022, and his work was exhibited at Penrith Regional Art Gallery in the joint exhibition, ‘Cummings & Poulet’.

Al Poulet is a graduate of UNSW Art and Design, achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) in 2013 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2017.