Jane Giblin & Bec Juniper


4 – 28 August 2022

Opening | Saturday 6 August 3 – 5 pm

There is no periphery without a centre. Hinging from the axis, Fox Galleries proudly presents the confluence of two distinguished female painters Jane Giblin & Bec Juniper – deep in the bounds of Periphery.

In their own way, both Giblin and Juniper break the surface of the core; sticky mixtures of minerals, inks, pigments, and paints that behave more like spidery networks, unwieldy and decentralised. Moved by expression through materiality, space, and concepts emerging from the cultural and physical outskirts of Australia.

Jane Giblin is emergent with luminescent portraits and animals steeped in the personal, precious, and sometimes conflicted layers of colonial Tasmanian history.
Giblin is complicated and at times sobering, right from the backyard of her rural universe. Her paintings are daringly abstract and figurative, caressed with raw and rampant marks, detailing days gone by to the interactions of human activity now.

The esteemed topographical field paintings are where Western Australian Bec Juniper has found her edge, plummeting her audience into mesmerising aerial landscapes. Alive with the colour and trace of natures’ temperament; space, time, energy, and force. Diamonds, dust and pearls all in metaphoric musing to the encounters of mass and matter; life and living.

Abundant with the dynamic mechanisms of contemporary art consciousness, both Giblin and Juniper syphon their practices through local interactions and information to achieve artistic-individuation within the bellow of the Periphery. Join us in the celebration of establishing yourself as out of bounds.