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Esther Erlich-Exciting News

Fox Galleries is delighted to announce that Esther Erlich has been featured in a new publication, ‘The Female Gaze,’ by Anita Selzer. The book focuses on 20 contemporary female artists from across the globe and analyses art through women’s eyes. Esther is in esteemed company alongside artists such as fellow Australian Del Kathryn Barton. This is a great achievement for Esther and it is a wonderful acknowledgement in what is an already highly successful artistic career.

In 2018 Fox Galleries held a very successful solo exhibition of Esther’s works. The exhibition was quite aptly titled, ‘The Female Gaze.’

Arresting portraits of a diverse cast of female characters typifies Esther’s oeuvre. These bold compositions explore the nature of the female gaze and gender politics. Her works reside in an art history where female figures have so frequently been framed for male consumption.

Esther’s heroines are empowered females as opposed to the sexualised objects of desire crafted from the male gaze. Esther’s paintings feature commanding female figures with piercing almond eyes. These are looks of confrontation, not invitation. She champions the femme fatale rather than the frolicking concubine present in so many works.

Esther’s works are crucially contemporary, and provide the viewer with much to ponder.

Please join us in congratulating Esther on her most recent accolade!

A selection of Esther’s works are on display in our stockroom at Fox Galleries and available online at:

If you are interested in acquiring a copy of the publication, please email, as we will be stocking a limited supply.

To read John McDonald’s article for the Sydney Morning Herald on Esther’s exhibition, ‘The Female Gaze,’ follow the link below:

Jo Darvall ‘The Howey,’ Hotel Commission

Fox Galleries is proud to announce Jo Darvall’s commission for the brand-new boutique hotel ‘The Howey,’ in Melbourne’s CBD.

This commission is a result of Jo’s very successful exhibition ‘Hydrosphere’, held during September and October.
We would like to congratulate Jo on her achievement and commend her for her dedication to this project.

Fox Galleries has a history of commissioning projects, such as Nigel Sense x Porsche and Tim Clarkson’s Stag at St. Hubert’s winery. These expertise enabled a copyright and moral rights agreement to be made between Jo and ‘The Howey.’


Left: Nigel Sense, Porsche installation. Right: Tim Clarkson, Stag commission, St. Hubert’s Winery.

This facilitated the reproduction of seven key works from ‘Hydrosphere’ into 89 prints of various sizes for the hotel guest rooms, as well as allowing the hotel to use the artwork images for promotional purposes, such as complimentary gift cards.

The hotel’s ambition was to champion art and design from Melbourne and Victoria.
Jo’s talent, coupled with her Yarram upbringing, and her time at the Victorian College of the Arts made her a natural choice.

Jo’s attention to detail is astonishing. Each of the 89 commissioned artworks is finished with a hand made and hand painted oak frame finished in carefully created bespoke shades of red, blue, and green.

The frames evoke the three natural elements of earth, fire, and water. Nature, and water in particular, is an essential aspect of Jo’s works, and it is this fluid element that imbues her work with a sense of tranquillity.

Patrons of The Howey will be able to immerse themselves in this experience as the works are hung throughout the tastefully decorated rooms of the hotel.


Jo Darvall’s Blue Portrait Yellow being installed at ‘The Howey,’ hotel.

A selection of Jo’s works are on display in our stockroom at Fox Galleries and available online at:
If you would like to see the works in person, book your stay at the Howey at the link below:

Fox Galleries celebrates 2023 Top100Artists featuring Al Poulet

ART WATCH has announced 2023 TOP100Artists featuring our represented artist AL Poulet. 

Al Poulet is part of this years celebration of collectable artists living, working and exhibiting in Australia. Art watch surveys the current Contemporary Art scene for stand-out artists, whose work features prominently in recent exhibitions, award listings, publications and across high-profile media platforms, earning them commercial success and critical acclaim in a highly competitive art world.

Al Poulet lives and works in Wedderburn. He was recently featured in Artist Profile, and presented at Sydney Contemporary in 2022, with other recent notable exhibtions at Penrith Regional Art Gallery in the joint exhibition, ‘Cummings & Poulet’.

Al Poulet is a graduate of UNSW Art and Design, achieving a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) in 2013 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2017.

The Artist States:

“My paintings come from within. They are an attempt to express something on the tip of your tongue, that which has no expression in language. A horizon in the landscape is another analogy, a landmark yet literally a place unreachable. Painting records my experience with the irresistible urge to make a mark and process this life. Working with the flow and embracing my practice has revealed these new paintings from beyond the horizon of Wedderburn and my inner landscape.”

For a full catalogue of Al Poulet please contact or call + 61 3 8560 5487

Fox Galleries is proud to announce a special project with Cartographic artist Anton Thomas.


ANTON THOMAS   Wild World (detail) 2023, original and framed editions available.

After an astronomical THREE YEARS of drawing, Fox Galleries is proud to announce our presentation of Anton Thomas’ now completed map of the ‘Wild World’.

Anton Thomas is an artist-cartographer based in Melbourne. From his childhood in New Zealand’s South Island to the present day, he has been enchanted by geography, exploring its confluence with
art via hand-crafted maps.

His maps are drawn with coloured pencil and fine-liner pen. They are astonishingly detailed, sometimes needing thousands of hours of research and drawing to complete. He believes the most emotive maps are those that evoke a sense of place, that see a location not just by its topography and hydrography, but by what it feels like to be there. By the colours, sounds, and lifeforms – animal or human – that inhabit it.

Due to his unique hand-drawn approach and themes around biodiversity, Anton Thomas’ aesthetic, functional and educational maps have garnered a global repution through his uncanny ability to turn geography into exquisite art.

For further details on his upcoming exhibtion in  work please contact or call + 61 3 8560 5487

Focus interview with Yvonne Boag

Yvonne Boag Joins Fox Galleries to discuss her upcoming exhibition ‘Continuation’. Scottish-born artist Yvonne Boag has divided the last twenty years between Australia and South Korea. This wanderlust coincides with stints in Europe, Japan and the Lockhart River Aboriginal Community on Cape York.

Yvonne is an advocate in cultural exchange, taught in Universities, curated internationally and is an Associate Professor, Sydney College of the Arts. Boag’s exhibition history is as rich and varied as the curious and keen observation in her paintings.

Fox Galleries: Your upcoming exhibition ‘Continuation’ is a recent mini survey of paintings and works on paper. From reading your recent article in Artist Profile Magazine by Courtney Kidd detailing your extensive career, the influence of you moving from place to place is highly relevant to your interior and exterior landscapes. Is this sense of movement related to ‘Continuum’ as the selected title of your exhibition? 

Yvonne Boag: The movement referred to in the title continuum is not related to a place or a physical movement from one location to another.

It is about the interrelatedness of experience and the continuum that occurs from one event or action leading to another. I started to think of this flow when I first read about String Theory sometimes called The Theory of Everything. A mathematical model in physics that describes all fundamental forces as one dimensional open and closed strings.

These recent paintings are of the interior landscape they began as an attempt to untangle the grief and emotion of loss, to try to replace its inevitability for us all with  acceptance and understanding.

FG: When I look at your work, you strike me as a kind of inventor. I am reminded of L.L. Zamenhof – The Inventor of Esperanto. He wanted to take the complexities and misunderstandings across global languages and work out a way in which everyone could connect and find solace in a universal language. Is this something you’re interested in?

Yvonne Boag: This is a wonderful description of the reason for the invention of Esperanto. I totally agree with the sentiment. There is for me a language of colour, shape, volume and placement I use it all the time it is how I put my work together. It sits in another part of my brain one that has to be allowed freedom from censorship and description. When I am working I occupy the part of my brain, that normally interrupts all that I do with opinions and insecurities by listening to audiobooks This keeps it quiet and allows the flow of a nonverbal visual communication.

FG: Your use of vibrant colours and intricate patterns is a distinctive feature of your work. Could you share some insights into how you choose your colour palettes and patterns to convert specific emotions or messages? 

Yvonne Boag: No, I am sorry I can’t do that all the colours and patterns evolve as I work. There is no code or reference the shapes and colours know who they are and were they should be I don’t interrupt them.

FG: What made you show up with these exciting new line driven explorations?

Yvonne Boag:  The lines in the paintings are the events that have happened the shapes in the background are the emotions the movement, flow and interruption of all that is chaotic often inevitable and which can occasionally be resolved. Last year I had a couple of profound reminders that all existence is temporary and at the same time it is continuous.I am just caught in the flow of it.

FG: You are wonderfully demanding of your audience, you build on what cannot be seen, and what falls in between. How do your personal experiences influence the way you approach and express these concepts in your art?

Yvonne Boag: Since I was a child I have  always been aware that all any of us can really own is the time we have being alive and that it is limited. We can possess nothing apart from that time, everything else becomes irrelevant after we are gone.

This certainty as well as an endless curiosity and awe at the wonder of world we live in makes me want to leave a trace and record of that, I too was here.

FG: Since your early career, your view of the landscape would have evolved.You have spoken about your cultural experiences in South Korea influencing this. Are there any pivotal differences this integrated view has deepened your  techniques, colour and aesthetics?

Yvonne Boag: I remember when I first arrived in Australia I found the landscape threatening and alien I rejected it .I wanted to see the vibrant greens and softness of England. I continued to have an ambivalent relationship with the Australian landscape it was when I returned from living in Paris to Australia in the 1990,s that I really began to see and relate to Australian colours, shapes and light.

Then when I started to visit Korea also in  mid nineties I made a connection with the Korean way of using colour in a more symbolic and emotional way .This allowed me to work in free more intuitive way and to interpret the landscape in a more personal way. 

FG: From the experiential interaction with your work, I sense a deep affection for the land and all of the inhabitants human and non-human. In this particular series, there is an enquiry of physical theory, is the sense of awe something that is important for us as a ‘Continuum’ piece of this exhibition?

Yvonne Boag: There is so much to know and discover it is endless but there is only a little time for each of us to be a part of this existence I dont want to miss anything.

View her exhibtion HERE.

David Asher Brook is a selected finalist in the Mount Eyre Art Prize.

Congratulations to our represented artist David Asher Brook, who is a selected finalist in the Mount Eyre Art Prize..

This prize was established to provide support of creative endeavour. Finalist works will be on display at Rex-Livingston Art + Objects, Katoomba NSW running August 19 to September 11, 2023 with the winner announced 12 September.

Bio | David Asher Brook was born in Australia, with a mixed heritage of Iraqi, Singaporean and English. He is distinguished by a diverse visual language of painting, tapestry and video art. He is a qualified Stonemason and Heritage Conservationist from the Sydney University School of Architecture

Image: Selected finalist work  ‘Figure And Four Birds’, featured in his recent exhibition ‘Eudaimonia’, you can contact to register for the full exhibtion catatogue.

Yvonne Boag’s All Over The Place by Courtney Kidd featured in Artist Profile Magazine

Felicitations to our represented artist Yvonne Boag, who is featured in this month’s Artist Profile Magazine Issue 63.

A review that describes Yvonne Boag’s artworks as Life Affirming titled ‘All Over The Place’ by the passionate arts writer Courtney Kidd & featured in the current Artist Profile Magazine Issue 63. Swipe to see what makes Yvonne’s artwork so inspiring to be around.

Bio | Scottish-born Australian painter Yvonne Boag has an uncanny way of distilling a landscape. Informed by her wanderlust, these energised encounters intersect, disburse and display geographic evolution. Although born in Scotland, Boag has divided the last twenty years between Australia and South Korea. This stalwart tenacity coincides with stints in Europe, Japan and the Lockhart River Aboriginal Community on Cape York.

We are in anticipation for Boag’s September exhibition across our two Galleries, highlighting recent works and delving into the dynamic presentations of her work created in Australia and South Korea. Running 31 August- 24 September, 2023. Register your interest by contacting

You can read this issue now online or order your print copy in the link in the bio.

You can read this issue now online or order your print copy here.

Esther Erlich selected as Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2023 Finalist

​Congratulations to Esther Erlich who has been selected for the Sunshine Coast Art Prize with her evocative painting Camouflage. 

Now in its eighteenth year, the exhibition presents works by artists from across the country reflecting current contemporary artists working in any 2D medium and in new media. From the 40 finalists, a guess judge will announce this years winner, exhibited at the Caloundra Regional Gallery from 18 August until 15 October 2023.

To vote for Esther Erlich, and to read about the inspiration for Camouflage, you can follow the link here. 

The forty artworks selected as finalists will be exhibited at the Caloundra Regional Gallery from 18 August until 15 October 2023.

For more information on Erlich’s available works, please email or head to our stockroom page here.