Eddie Botha


Boardroom Exhibition
6 March – 10 April 2021
Opening 9 March, 6-8pm

Fox Galleries presents Disexiona collage painting series with freely drawn figures, that dissect, cross and intersect. An interdependent build up of imagery and textures provides a playful narrative into human relationships and amorous connection.

Eddie states:

“Society has been dissected through the changes we are experiencing with covid-19. Life is being puzzled back together again never to be the same again. Using sexual orientation as a symbol of dividing coherence, I analyse how we puzzle life back again, breaking down sexual and racial discrimination to promote interaction.”

Artonica: music for everyone, Off the Kerb Gallery, Collingwood.
World Art Organization Exhibition, group show, Seoul,South Korea.

1st Sumok Ink Drawing Biennale, Mokpo, South Korea.
7th Beijing International Art Biennale, National Art
Museum of China, Beijing, China.
Happy Birthday cake eating party, Solo show, Conartist
Collective, New York.


2017  Acquired by Beijing National Gallery in Permanent Collection
2016  Acquired by 17th Asian Art Bienalle, Dhakar, Bangladesh
2014  First prize, Watson’s Art Prize
2013  Runner-up, Newcastle’s ‘Waste As Art’
2012  Acquired by Bill Granger for his Tokyo branch
2011  Highly Commended, Maitland’s ‘Waste As Art’


2017 (April-May) Conartists Mixed media residency
2016 (Oct-Nov) Instinct Residency, Singapore
2015 (March-June) Heritage Hill Art Residency, Dandenong

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