Emilie Heurtevent

The Abyss

Opening 9 March, 6-8pm
6 March – 29 March 2021

Fox Galleries presents The Abyssa new series of enigmatic paintings by Emilie Heurtevent. Delightfully dark chasms of monochromatic musings and enigmatic interludes with the abyss.

Emilie states:

The Abyss is the result of a work started a few years ago, that I decided to start all over again in 2020. My intention was to explore the different colours of darkness and create something fluid and more subtle compared to my previous series. It was to go through the complexity of the process in order to find the right balance between the multiple shades of black and grey.

Inspired by the Black Square of Malevich, I invented a new world of shapes, where there is no landmark, nothing to attract the eye. It is a deep, immeasurable and timeless space. The passive act of contemplation becoming the interactive process of transformation. I would like the viewer to keep the following text in mind while they are looking at The Abyss.

“That is, to form your own essence and meaning, you must first empty yourself of the idea that you were born with an essence, meaning or purpose given to you from elsewhere. When emptied you are free to create your own meaning and purpose.”


2009 Masters Degree (History), Sorbonne University, Paris
2009 Art & Calligraphy, Sorbonne University, Paris


2020 Nature, Fox Galleries, Melbourne
2019 Decay & Renewal, Gallery of City Library, Melbourne
2016 Infant Earth, Pumpkin Lane Gallery, Melbourne


2020 Visual Variation: Abstract to Figurative, Noon Powell Fine Art, Notting Hill, London
2020 Summer Show, NoonPowell Fine Art, London
2020 Affordable Art Fair Spring w/ NoonPowell Fine Art, Battersea, London
2019 Animism to Abstraction, Aptos Cruz Galleries, Adelaide
2019 Women in Art, Who Gallery, Melbourne
2017 Meanderings in Visual Language, No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne
2015 Gallery Opening, Chancery Lane Gallery, Adelaide

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