Esther Erlich


3-27 August 2023

Exhibition Opening Thursday 3 August 6-8pm


Step into the engaging world of Esther Erlich, where art becomes a vessel for thoughtful introspection and contemplation. With over three decades of refining her artistry, Esther Erlich is best known for her captivating portraiture, and this exhibition is no exception. In her upcoming exhibition, ‘Divine’, Esther examines the idea of perfection.

Her portraits showcase female figures whose beauty and vitality arrests the viewer in their tracks. It is their stare, their mesmerising intensity, that Esther has long mastered. Esther is inspired by the radiating strength and beauty that comes from the invisible struggles that we all are faced with. These artworks highlight the power and resilience of those close to her and embedding that strength into her fierce subjects.

Through her bold and expressive brushstrokes, Erlich captures moments of raw emotion, exploring the complexities of the human experience. Her skilful use of colour, texture and composition imbues her creations with a captivating energy. Esther Erlich’s iconic style is raw, vital and spontaneous, yet also displays the skill and finesse of a well-established artist.

‘Divine’ encompasses a diverse collection of Erlich’s most remarkable works, showcasing her proclivity towards the empowered female form. Her deeply introspective artworks serve as mirrors, imploring the viewer to explore the depth of their own soul and engage in a profound dialogue with the artwork before them.

The ‘Divine’ series by Erlich aims to intrigue and bewitch viewers through a profound sense of energy and purpose within each artwork, uncovering the hidden layers of meaning concealed in her art. Each illuminating figure dares the viewer to take a closer look and delve deeper.


2000 People’s Choice Award, Archibald Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales; George Adams Gallery, Melbourne and Regional galleries tour
1998 Winner, Doug Moran Portrait Prize, Moran Arts Foundation, Sydney

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