Group Exhibition

Party of Special Things

19 — 29 January 2019
Opening: Saturday, January 19, 6:00 — 8:00 pm


Party of Special Things is a spirited collection of new and recent works by the gallery’s represented artists, revelling in a festive gathering of ideas. Fox Galleries presents the party as a strange, dreamlike experience; an antidote to, or satire of, the contrived seriousness of the academic curated exhibition.

Wayne Fogden’s opulent Italian interiors situate the viewer as the occasion commences. Esther Erlich’s alluring portraits create a rhapsodic atmosphere. The colour and movement of Victor Rubin’s surrealistic painting and Merryn Trevethan’s
collapsing landscapes provide rhythmic dialogue. Nigel Sense and Mike Chavez collaborate in contemporary painting practice to illustrate the conviviality and idiosyncrasy of a group exhibition. We welcome new abstract linear sculpture by Bart Sanciolo, best known for his epic figurative bronzes.

Other featured artists include  Katie Breckon, Maggie DiazChonggang Du, Mark Dustin, Wayne Fogden, Christine Johnson, Tyra Hutchens,  Jason Moad,  Amanda Robins Barry Tate, Peter Thomas, and Toni Warburton.

We hope Party of Special Things will be a fittingly celebratory beginning to an uncertain and exciting year.
Michael Fox, Gallery Director
January 2019