Group Exhibition

These Days

Opening 6 February 4-6 pm

6 February – 3 March 2021

Fox Galleries presents These days, a selection of works contending with the days and nights defined by the punctuated trail of 2020. From 6 February 2021, a deluge of paintings, works on paper and sculptures will be presented across our three newly relocated premises: the Gallery, Boardroom and Stockroom. This exciting moment to start the year of 2021 is an exploration of hope, intimacy, tenderness, political harangue and quashed dreams in a gesture of (re)connection. These days, the lives of our days, now we sit with you.

These Days celebrates the many ways artists attempt to use flow state and energized focus to present hope, humour and resilience. Embracing the temptation of time, Emilie Heurtevent contemplates the non objective square, barriers to the abyss. Shannon Smiley explores urban wilderness and the beauty in the banal. Harold David’s expressionist abstracts are gleeful and sophisticated; Eddie Botha’s ambidextrous small figurative drawings are delfly interconnected over smatterings of paint, Barry Tate’s ambitious ceramic feats are satirical parables of human follie alongside the flamboyant portraits of Esther Erlich’s combination of realistic faces with crowned graffiti and jewelled in a flurry of paint. Extending to playful works of ROAR artist Mark Schaller, New Zealand artist Odelle Morshuis’ poetic figures, contemporary bronze sculptures by Stephen Glassborow and Bart Sanciolio, the raw and intimate bath scene of Victor Rubin, alongside the bold delights of Nigel Senses’ calamitous squiggles and symbols from his recent travels. Participating artists also include; Bec Juniper with aerial landscapes, Mark Dustin’s image dissemination, Chonggang Du, Mark Davis, Peter Thomas and Tim Clarkson, all veering towards an identity that determines a new day in the life of, These Days.

Exhibiting Artists

Barry Tate
Bart Sanciolo
Bec Juniper
Mark Dustin
Harold David
Mark Schaller
Chonggang Du
Eddie Botha
Emilie Heurtevent
Esther Erlich
Mark Davis
Nigel Sense
Odelle Morshuis
Peter Thomas
Shannon Smiley
Stephen Glassborow
Tim Clarkson
Wayne Fogden
Jane Canfield
Jason Moad
Victor Rubin
Geoff Nees