Group Show

Things I Didn't Know

5 February – 28 February 2022
Opening | Saturday 5 February, 3 – 5 pm


Fox Galleries opens 2022 with a group exhibition spread across our Gallery, Boardroom and stockroom spaces in a celebration of hindsight. These are the paintings and sculptures that delineate and observe a year of ‘Things I Didn’t Know’, with a selection of compelling Australian artists unlike any other.

‘Things I Didn’t Know’ is an encounter with contemporary and modern art, showing the progressions of artists like Nigel Sense who have flourished in the discombobulations of inhibited movement. We begin the year by welcoming to the gallery lauded Tasmanian artist Jane Giblin and the esteemed Richard Dunlop with his luscious inner sanctums.

Other perspectives come from American-born, Australia-residing artist Harold David and his attuned abstract expressionist paintings that sit you comfortably into their colourful and engaging physicality. Victor Rubin builds interior portals that play hide and seek with inner narratives and the late ‘Turbo’ Brown is arresting with his pure joy and spontaneous investigations of flora and fauna.

Renowned portrait painter Esther Erlich delights with a sculpture that appears to have washed up from the depths of the sea, sculptor Tim Clarkson’s folded ceramics enticing intricacy alongside the stately bronze classicism of Stephen Glassborow, accompanied by works from Barry Tate, Bec Juniper, Mark Dustin, Jane Canfield, Eddie Botha, Jason Moad, Mark Davis, Odelle Morshuis, Peter Thomas, Shannon Smiley, Wayne Fogden and the internationally collected Murray Walker.

At every moment history is happening now. Our thoughts drift in and out of history, and it is artists that are analyzing their experiences to inflect the complex emotions that accompany the examination of where we have been, and where we are going. Pulling at the surface to reveal the identity shifts, the suffering, joy and anticipation; we ultimately reconcile new beginnings with ‘Things I Didn’t Know’.