Jason Moad


1 – 28 September 2022

Opening | Saturday 3 September 3 – 5 pm

A taste for the succulent is not a new subject for Melbourne-based artist, Jason Moad. For the month of September, Fox Galleries announces Moad’s Solo exhibition Subject > Object, populated with his distinct, hyperrealist botanicals, uncanny, alive and conscious.

Artist Statement:

Human beings, at least since the enlightenment, have tended to categorise and rank organisms in hierarchies, separating the natural world into higher and lower life-forms.  Far from scientific, this is a system influenced by historical, cultural and religious values.  I try to paint plants as subjects, rather than objects.  In my pictures they represent the other than human, largely informed by the work currently being done by a few brave scientists and philosophers.  Plants and fungi, it turns out, can feel pain, be anaesthetised and probably even see.  There is increasing speculation they possess some form of consciousness.  We like to see ourselves as separate from nature, as the inevitable pinnacle of evolution.  One need only look around to see how that is working out for us.  The truth is, we live in a world full of persons and, as an animist, I’m keen to point out that only some of them are human”.


is a realist painter based in Melbourne, Australia. His recent works are a love letter to physical media. With an unease towards the rapid progress of the digital revolution, Moad crafts meticulously detailed objects while contemplating their ephemerality.

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