Mark Davis

Radiant Darkness from the Edge

7 August – 16 September 2021

View the video from our virtual exhibition opening here to see Fox Curator Rebecca Agnew in conversation with Professor Leonard Janiszewski.

Fox Galleries presents a retrospective exhibition of the works of the late Mark Davis, co-curated by Rebecca Agnew and Rhonda Davis, senior curator at the Macquarie University Art Gallery.

“Mark Davis explores the earth as a living entity, steeped in deep time and space. Drawing out its invisible energy forces, the paintings reveal the layering and rhythmic patterns of those movements.

His superb technique, remarkable in manipulation and dexterity makes Davis’ works so compelling, the paintings resonate as living forces.

Philosophy and symbolism underpin the conceptual treatise that Davis’ formulated in the creation of these remarkably rendered paintings.The intense radiance and dynamism Davis captures in mountains, waterways, icebergs and the landscapes he deftly abstracted, burrows deep into our imagination.

Mark’s fascination into parallel universesreverberates throughout these luscious paintings. Mark encountered the natural world andhumanity in all its rich tapestry, responding with works that are aglow with an everlasting brilliance.”

– Rhonda Davis


Radiance. It is a vibrance transmitted, received, and reflected. It is up close and light years away. This is how Mark Davis painted.

Mark Davis sadly passed away at this time last year in 2020. One of the first of many conversations with Mark was laughing over imagining parallel universes; now we can find solace in the branching paths of the stories told through the universes within his paintings.

Each painting presented in Fox Galleries Boardroom and Gallery is an invitation, thick paint and luscious surface abound with anticipation. Reflections of a painter balanced between abstraction and figuration, always on a quest to find another version, another time, another place; an anti-verse and a multi-verse.

Through his canvas Mark Davis was an adventurer of remote corners, an explorer of the underwater world, surveying the land and burrowing into the depths of the earth’s mantle. Radiance at the edge of darkness is an expression of heartfelt connection with the conservation of our environment and the world beyond.

It has been a joy to co-curate this exhibition with Rhonda Davis and to celebrate the life of a painter who lives on seeking anew.

– Rebecca Agnew
Fox Galleries Curator


1975-79 Diploma of Art, Hornsby TAFE College, NSW


2019 Bleak Outlook, Fox Galleries, Melbourne
2013 Sound of Colours, Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney
2011 Across The Shelf, Gadfly Gallery, Perth
2010 Kenthurst Galleries; Palmer Street Gallery, Sydney


2019 On the Edge: Landscapes from the Collection, Macquarie University Art Gallery
2018 Contemporary Gallipoli, Blue Mountains Art and Cultural Centre
2016 Contemporary Gallipoli, Grafton Regional Gallery
2014 Xmas Group Exhibition, Frances Keevil Gallery, Sydney
2014 Fields of Vision: Art and Astronomy, Macquarie University Art Gallery


2012 Finalist, Hawkesbury Art Prize
1997 Finalist, Willoughby Art Prize
1995 Artist in Residence, Chroma Australia Studios, Melbourne


Chroma Australia; Gainsborough Group Financiers, Sydney; Lend Lease, Macquarie University Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University; Holiday Inn Hotel, Sydney; Jim Cobb Collection and Lowenstein Arts Management.

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