Esther Erlich-Exciting News
Jo Darvall Announcement-'The Howey,' Hotel Commission
Yvonne Boag selected as The Paddington Art Prize 2023 Finalist
Joanna Gambotto selected as The Calleen Art Award 2023 Finalist
Fox Galleries celebrates 2023 Top100Artists featuring Al Poulet.
Fox Galleries is proud to announce a special project with Cartographic artist Anton Thomas.
Focus interview with Yvonne Boag
David Asher Brook is a selected finalist in the Mount Eyre Art Prize.
Yvonne Boag’s All Over The Place by Courtney Kidd featured in Artist Profile Magazine
Esther Erlich selected as Sunshine Coast Art Prize 2023 Finalist
Join Micheal Fox interviewed by David Hunt in the most recent episode of Art Hunter
Jo Darvall celebrates being selected as a finalist in the Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award
For John Olsen – A Grateful Engagement A Statement by Victor Rubin
David Asher Brook has been selected as a Finalist in the Harden Art Prize 2023
Jo Darvall has won the Collie Art Prize 2023 (CAP2023)
Eddie Botha joins David Hunt in Sunday Arts JOYFM to have a chat about his upcoming exhibition 'Target Aim, Hit Miss'
Harold David sitting in his studio
March 2023 We welcome artist in residence Harold David
Fox Galleries is proud to announce our representation of Yvonne Boag.
Fox Galleries is proud to announce our representation of Jo Darvall.
Murray Walker with his book by Sasha Grishin
Murray Walker recognised with retrospective book by Sasha Grishin
Ester Erlich, Atong, portrait painting of the Sudanese-born photographic artist Atong Atem
Esther Erlich in the 2022 Portia Geach Memorial Award
Harold David's painting, Moving Through the Silence, chosen for the Paddington Art Prize
Harold David in the 2022 Paddington Art Prize
In conversation with Victor Rubin
Robert Andrew featuring at rīvus, the 23rd Biennale of Sydney (2022)
Robert Andrew selected as finalist in the 2022 Gold Award
Jane Giblin selected as finalist in The 67th Blake Prize 2022
Nigel Sense Porsche
Nigel Sense x Porsche = NFT
Three Fox Galleries artists exhibited at Art in the Vines 2021, as profiled by the ABC's Art Works programme
Esther Erlich, semi-finalist in the 2021 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize