Nigel Sense

Post Tropical Future World

Boardroom Exhibition
5 December 2020 – 3 February 2021


Fox Galleries presents Post Tropical Future Worldan admission into the vibrant snapshots and symbols from Nigel Sense’ global sauntering. This new series of paintings and works on paper joyfully toils you with the calamitous squiggles and puzzles from his recent travels translated through the constrictions of isolation to a Post Tropical Future World.

Post Tropical Future World is an emotional response to the contradiction that comes from a nomadic approach to life and painting. It captures the simultaneous moments of opposing emotions all rolled up with psychedelic colours and erratic lines. I see the works not just representing subject matter but a visual record of a deeper emotional experience.

As an artist Ive always been drawn to painting the everyday. From characters in the workplace to finding joy in the mundane. I see my works as a social commentary and exploration of the human condition.

The works represent, among other things, visual overstimulation experienced when travelling. The feeling you get from waking up in a different bed every day and seeing everything for the first time. The shapes and lines are taken from snapshots of the day, from the lettering on a street sign in Bangkok, to the patterns on tiles of an old Chinese shop-house in Penang.

I had originally planned to paint this year in Cambodia, but my plans, like everyone elses in 2020 were tipped on its head due to Covid-19. One week I was in Laos and the next found myself painting out of my in-laws house in the northern suburbs of Wollongong, NSW. It seemed ironic that my works were to be all about travelling when I found myself forced to remain in isolation in Australia.

Consequently a lot of the ideas I originally had in mind underwent a fundamental shift and in various ways the works have been affected. I cant say how they would have turned out differently if they were painted in Cambodia. But I do know the emotions are more raw and less stable. Instead of living in, I was looking in, on the romanticism that comes from a long line of artistic tradition of working and drawing inspiration from a far flung country.


Bachelor of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW

Diploma Graphic Design and Printing, Ultimo TAFE, Sydney

Associate Diploma Fine Art, West Wollongong Technical College, Wollongong, NSW


2019 Finalist, Salon des Refuses
2018 Finalist, Salon des Refuses
2018 Finalist, Mosman Art Prize


Caterpillarness, Fox Galleries, Melbourne

Workers & Wankers, Fox Galleries, Melbourne

Summer  Show, Wagner Contemporary, Sydney, NSW
Black Swan Art Prize, Western Australia Art Gallery, Perth
Mosman Art Prize, Mosman Regional Gallery, Sydney, NSW
Kilgour Prize, Newcastle Regional Gallery, Newcastle, NSW
Fisher Ghost Art Prize, Campbelltown Art Centre, Sydney
Sense & Chavez, Fox Galleries, Melbourne
Untitled, Traffic Jam Gallery, Sydney
Art Is Lettuce (solo), Finders Street Gallery, Sydney

Hi how are you? (solo), Penny Contemporary, Hobart
Nigel Sense, Blokes and Sheilas, Harvison Gallery, Perth, WA

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