Peter Thomas

Grey Literature

Boardroom Exhibition
1 April – 5 May 2021

Fox Galleries is proud to present Peter Thomas’ Grey Literature, a collection of action paintings that manipulate and disrupt surfaces of canvas and industrial felt. The Boardroom is the perfect environment for Thomas’ bureaucratic meanderings, staged in an organisational meeting place. Exquisite mixed media works, (or ‘discussion papers) shimmering with built up texture; each piece is approached by Peter Thomas with a different apparatus to reveal a systemised and chaotic tension in the surface facade, leaving the trace of human conjecture. The year of 2020 shifted work and life blending, the wrangle to initiate interventions of continuous time by various schemes and demacations. Grey Literature goes beyond its own systems and transgresses its limits, the author has disappeared and there is a delightful glimpse into a convoluted world where the ‘paper trail’ has its own authority.

“Grey Literature refers to various bureaucratic forms of communication such as ‘green papers’, ‘white papers’, and ‘discussion papers’ utilised by government, business and other large organisations. While often obtuse, clouded and presented in a way where any meaning is only obvious to the author, this grey literature can communicate an underlying intention and research behind the bureaucratese it is often written in. These works are some of my own grey literature from the last 5 years – obtuse and with a meaning only obvious to me. Hopefully though, the clues I leave are sufficient to point a viewer toward my concerns with material, surface, human frailty and organisational structures.”


2009-2010  Master of Fine Art (research), VCA
2008  Postgraduate Diploma of Visual Art, VCA
1994 – 1996  Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts – Printmaking) RMIT University


2017 Finalist, Hadley’s Art Prize
2016 Finalist, Paul Guest Prize
2015 Finalist, M Collection Award
2012 Stuart Black Memorial Travelling Scholarship
2012 Finalist, Swan Hill Acquisitive Print and Drawing Awards


2018  Manipulations (solo), Fox Galleries, Melbourne
2017  Hadley’s Art Prize exhibition, Galleries at Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart
2016  Night Club (solo), Fox Galleries, Melbourne
2016  Paul Guest Award exhibition, Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo
2015  UnCollected Works (solo), Rubicon ARI, Melbourne
2014  NotFair 2014, Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne
2013  Coma Country (solo), Linden Contemporary Art, Melbourne

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