Robert Kirchner

Difference and Repetition

18 September – 30 October 2021


The title of the exhibition references the metaphysical treatise Difference and Repetition (1980) written by the French Philosopher Giles Deluze. Deluze suggests that, he creates concepts out of joyful and creative logic that resists the dualism of dialectic:

“I make, remake and unmake my concepts along a moving horizon, from an always decentered centre, from an always displaced periphery which repeats and differentiates them”

The paintings and woodblock prints included in the exhibition reflect on botanical subjects, they are primarily about composition, i.e, the nature of something.

In this sense I understand composition to be the dichotomy between difference and repetition, that are both positive forces with unpredictable effects.

Throughout the working processes of observation and mark making, my attention rests in the mercurial realm. Balancing between abstraction and representation, the work seeks to communicate directly through sensation, that which lies beyond language.


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2011 – 2014 Bachelor of Art in Fine Ar, School of Art and Design, University of Applied Sciences North Western Switzerland
2001 – 2004 Artist Proof Studio, Diploma in Printmaking


2016  The Garden, Markgräfler Museum, Müllheim
2008  in between shadows, Schalter Gallery, Basel
2006  Woodcuts, J.O.A Gallery, Zurich
2004  Origin of Form, The Premises Gallery, Johannesburg
2004  flux, Nxhlanxhla Xaba Gallery, Johannesburg


2016  Formation of Pattern, Kunstraum Florenz, Basel
2016  Patters of Reconciliation, Kaskokondensator Gallery, Basel
2014  Crashing at the Neighbors, HeK – Haus der elektronischen Künste, Basel