Director’s Choice

Richard Dunlop

The Leaning Wattle (2009)
Oil on Belgian linen
152cm by 152cm

The work ‘The Leaning Wattle’ is a key representation of the softness Richard Dunlop often portrays in his art. This work was painted in 2009 for an exhibition showcasing landscape, botany and still life, all of which are central in his work today.

This work is dominated by the delicate layering of oil paint. The fragile, drooping branches counteract with the intense vibrancy of yellow and gold. Dunlop’s work often draws in the viewer by his unique portrayal of botany scenes, this work being a core example.

The Wattle found mainly in Australia is a familiar sight for the viewer but depicted in a more whimsical setting. Dunlop has created a delicate yet passionate scene through his blending of colour which immediately puts the viewer at ease. The scene evokes a feeling of Spring, as the air gets warmer and blossoming flowers contrast against a light blue sky. The unrestrained brushstrokes and vibrancy of colour essential to Dunlop’s vision are no exception within this striking work.


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