Director’s Choice

Joanna Gambotto,

Passing Through (2023),
Oil on board,
150cm by 125cm,


It really did feel like Christmas had come early when this painting arrived. The work in question continues on from Joanna’s exhibition ‘Another Bunch of Flowers.’ This piece, like those created for the exhibition, are from the studio of the late Margaret Olley. We can think of no artist more suited to continuing her legacy.

When first confronted by the work, one doesn’t ‘pass through,’ as much as they are enveloped. The wooden floorboards provide a pathway into the composition which bestows a sense that the viewer is standing within the artist’s make-shift studio. Joanna skilfully captures this busy, but undoubtedly beautiful setting.

There are tubes of paint on almost every surface, picture frames leant up against a wall, and the loose splashes of colour across the painting all contribute to the feeling of being transported into this creative cavern. There are elements of Matisse, and the tribute to Margaret Olley is unmistakable, but Joanna’s brilliance undoubtedly shines through.  ENQUIRE HERE


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