Toni Warburton

topological investigations

Fox Galleries is proud to present topological investigations by Toni Warburton. As the artist writes:

The improvisation of modelling a completed cup with handle and foot from one lump of clay with no joins is a way of composing forms whereby the interior space and the exterior shape hover in a sort of elastic dialogue that becomes  fixed by ceramic processes. 

The trope of Found Objects that have ‘found’ one another in Jules Verne like aberrations of scale may give rise to thoughts about the glue of the barnacle, the muscle of the limpet, of inhabiting the littoral zone, the steady, structural rhythms of the laying down of calcium, the colours of glazes, the movement of tides, of voyaging. 

The comprehensive scope of Darwin’s life study of the adaptive variations in the jaws, gut and reproductive idiosyncrasies of the ubiquitous barnacle and the perpetual repetition and difference within the natural world, inform these improvisations. With these objects, I have entertained some constraints, intrigued by possibilities of participation in the hand to mouth dynamics of the cup. 

To view this online exhibition visit our website or come in to the gallery’s stockroom starting 20 September.


2000 Master of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney, Sydney

1995 Post Technician’s Certificate(5453) in Ceramics Glaze and Clay Formulation (credit), National Art School East Sydney Technical College

1970-1973 Diploma of Art Education, National Art School and Alexander Mackie College, Sydney


2018 Messages from the Bays, Mu Gallery, Sydney

2012 Eye of Horus retrieval project, Articulate Project Space, Sydney

2006 lookout, Mori Gallery, Sydney

2003 kiosk, Mori Gallery, Sydney

2001 Catchment, a field of beakers for Saint Hedwig of Silesia & Wingecarribee Swamp, Mori Gallery, Sydney


2018 Platform 18, curated by Tess de Quincy Linda Luke and Marcus Whale, Articulate Project Space, Sydney

2017 BOAT, curator and exhibited artist, ARTICULATEUPSTAIRS

2017 Platform 17, curated by Tess de Quincy Linda Luke and Marcus Whale, Articulate Project Space, Sydney

2017 water objects – echoes: Louise Boscacci and Toni Warburton, Cross Arts Projects, Sydney

2016 Objects in Space Artists in the Garden, curator Glen Barkley, Peacock Gallery, Auburn Arts Studio, Auburn, NSW